3D Racer



Kami focuses on being a fun flying game where you can either challenge your friends to be the fastest bird or just enjoy the beautiful environment.

The focus with this project was to introduce us to 3D and build a game engine which we would use to make this and the upcoming games.


Project Details

September - November 2017 | 10 Weeks at 50%
Developed by Feather Fall Games: 5 Programmers, 3 Artists, 2 Technical Artists and 3 Level Designers
Created in our own engine, written in C++


  • Gameplay

    • Implementing particles
      • Wind when boosting
      • Wing trails
  • Particle Editor

    • Created with Windows Forms in C#
    • Exporting data with json
    • Reading from json to game and creating particle system component
    • All particles from this game onward is made in this editor
  • UI

    • In Game UI for Boosts
    • Visual effect for gaining birds
  • Engine

    • Component System

      • Particle Component
      • Model Component
      • Light Component
      • Camera Component
      • Updating, accessing, creating, storing, removing components
      • Attaching Component ID's to Game Objects
    • Scene Management

      • Creating, storing, removing scenes

      • Attaching object ID's to scene
    • Efficient Iterators for Object Pool

    • Interface from Engine to Gameplay (accessing tools)
    • Game Object Data which store attached component ID's, parent ID's etc.